RPi.GPIO : NanoPi NEO/NEO2/Air GPIO Programming with Python

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1 Introduction to RPi.GPIO_NP

For users to easily access GPIO with python FriendlyElec integrated RPi.GPIO in the FriendlyCore images for the NanoPi H3/H5.
RPi.GPIO is a famous library in python for Raspberry Pi. FriendlyElec ported it to the NanoPi H3/H5's FriendlyCore images and renamed it as RPi.GPIO_NP.
Most RPi.GPIO_NP's APIs are the same as those of RPi.GPIO and you can refer to https://pypi.python.org/pypi/RPi.GPIO for more details.

2 Install RPi.GPIO_NP

The RPi.GPIO_NP library is integrated in all the FriendlyCore images that are and will be released after June 5, 2017. Therefore for images released after this date no installation is needed.

3 Code Sample with RPi.GPIO_NP

Here is code sample on how to access a NanoPi NEO2. A Matrix - LED is connected to a NanoPi NEO2 in the following hardware setup:
Pin Connection:

Matrix-LED NanoPi NEO2
S Pin7
V Pin4
G Pin6

The code sample shows how to make an LED blink in Python
Pin 7 is accessed in this code sample:

3.1 Code Sample in Python

Create a source file in Python:

vi led.py

Type in the following lines:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time
while True:

Run led.py:

chmod +x led.py
sudo ./led.py

The LED module will blink if you do everything right.

4 Update Log

4.1 June-7-2017

  • Released English Version