NanoPC-T6 Armbian Installation Guide

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1 Introduction

This is a simple guide to install Armbian on NanoPC-T6 and boot through SPI Nor Flash and NVMe SSD, covering the following contents:

  • Erase SPI Nor Flash and eMMC
  • Flash BootLoader to SPI Nor Flash
  • Boot Armbian system from NVMe

2 Prerequisites

Before starting, please ensure you have the following:

  • A NanoPC T6 with SPI Nor Flash
  • A USB-C cable
  • An NVMe SSD
  • A PC running Windows
  • A power adapter, etc.

All steps in this guide are currently applicable only to Windows systems.

3 Download Required Files

  • Get the necessary tools: Visit here, find, and win32diskimager.rar in the 05_Tools directory, and download them locally.
  • Get Armbian image: Visit here to download the Armbian image file.
  • Get RK3588 loader and SPI Images: Visit here to download MiniLoaderAll.bin and

The downloaded files are in compressed packages, and need to be extracted.

4 Install Rockchip USB Driver and RKDevTool

  • Extract to install Rockchip USB driver.
  • Extract to obtain the Rockchip flashing tool RKDevTool.

5 Flashing Steps

5.1 Let NanoPC-T6 enter Rockusb Maskrom Mode

  • Connect NanoPC-T6 to the computer using a USB Type-C cable.
  • Launch RKDevTool on the computer (Note: use version 2.96 or later).
  • Disconnect the power from NanoPC-T6, hold down the MASK button, connect the power, and release the button when you see Found One MASKROM Device at the bottom of the screen, as shown below:

Rkdevtool found one maskrom device.png

5.2 Erase SPI Nor Flash and eMMC

Remove the SD card from the development board (if any). To avoid any residual boot data interfering with the Armbian startup, it is recommended to erase the SPI Nor Flash and eMMC once (optional). The method is as follows:

  • In the RKDevTool interface, click the Advanced Function tab.
  • Select MiniLoaderAll.bin in the Boot text box, then click the Download button.
  • Select EMMC, click Switch Storage, and then click the EraseAll button to erase eMMC.

Rkdevtool erase emmc.png

  • Select SPINOR, click Switch Storage, and then click the EraseAll button to erase SPI Nor Flash.

Rkdevtool erase spinorflash.png

5.3 Flash BootLoader to SPI Nor Flash

Refer to the picture below to set the flashing content in the RKDevTool interface:
Rkdevtool flash spinor.png
You can right-click in the list, choose Load Config, select friendlyelec-spinor-config.cfg to load the preset settings, then check Write by Address (important). Finally, click the Run button and wait for the process to complete.

5.4 Flash Armbian Image to NVMe SSD

Use the win32diskimager tool on Windows to write the .img format Armbian image to the NVMe SSD.

5.5 Run Armbian

Install the NVMe SSD on NanoPC-T6, power on, and follow the Armbian wizard to configure the system.

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