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1 Introduction to Matrix

Matrix Starter Kit
  • The matrix starter kit is an open source hardware kit developed by FriendlyARM for makers, hobbyists and geeks. We have rich open source code samples for each module in this kit. The matrix starter kit can work with multiple FriendlyARM boards such as the 4412, the NanoPC etc. It can also work with the Raspberry Pi and the arduino boards. We have a complete wiki for the kit and provide detailed code samples and tutorials. Users can create various innovations with these modules.
  • Users can make lots of IOT applications, mobile intelligent applications etc. Each module itself is a simple one that only implements just one or two functionalities. But with great creativity different modules can be organized to work in numerous ways and generate fascinating things.

2 Introduction to Matrix Starter Kit

Matrix Starter Kit01

  • Matrix starter kit contains these modules: LED, Button, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Ultrasonic Ranger, IIC LCD1602+PCF8574, Joystick, Sound Sensor, Buzzer, 3-Axis Digital Compass, 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer, Analog to Digital Converter, Relay and etc.
Matrix Starter Kit02
  • FriendlyARM created some popular use cases that used the kit with FriendlyARM boards. These use cases include an alarm system, temperature & humidity alarm system, LED remote control system, distance measuring system with ultrasonic ranger, smart vehicle and LCD clock.