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To test SIM800C you need to insert a SIM card and install a GSM/GPRS antenna.
By default the FriendlyCore system FriendlyElec provides has a Python demo for testing SIM800C. Run the following commands to test it:

$ cd /root/Python/GSM-GPRS/sim800-test
$ apt-get install python-pip
$ pip install --upgrade pip
$ pip install pyserial
$ ./ -h              # Check help information
./ -p <phone_number> -o <operator, cmcc> -w <website>
$ ./ -p 136xxxxxxxx  -o cmcc -w  # Visit
Option Comment
-p specifies a telephone number for sim card.
-o specifies a telecom operator. For example "cmcc" stands for China Mobile Communication Corporation.
-w specifies a website to visit

By default this demo will load 1K bytes' data from the specified website and it takes a while. If it is successful you will see the following information: