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1 Introduction

Green LED
  • The BakeBit - Green LED is an LED module. This module has a triode which is used to turn the LED on or off. There is a potentiometer in series connection with the LED. When users adjust the potentiometer the LED's luminance will be changed accordingly.Or you input PWM signals to control the LED's luminance.

2 Hardware Spec

  • Standard 2.0mm 4-Pin BakeBit Interface
  • LED's luminance adjustable
  • Digital Input

BakeBit - Green LED

  • Pin Description:
Pin Description
GND Ground
5V 5V Supply Voltage
NC Not Connected
SIG Signal

3 Code Sample:LED Blink

3.1 Hardware Setup

Connect the LED module to the NanoHat Hub's D3.

LED-1.jpg LED-2.jpg

3.2 Source Code

import time
from bakebit import *
# Connect the BakeBit LED to digital port D3
led = 3
print ("This example will blink a BakeBit LED connected to the BakeBit on the port labeled D3.\nIf you're having trouble seeing the LED blink, be sure to check the LED connection and the port number.\nYou may also try reversing the direction of the LED on the sensor.")
print (" ")
print ("Connect the LED to the port labele D3!" )
while True:
        #Blink the LED
        digitalWrite(led,1)		# Send HIGH to switch on LED
        print ("LED ON!")
        digitalWrite(led,0)		# Send LOW to switch off LED
        print ("LED OFF!")
    except KeyboardInterrupt:	# Turn LED off before stopping
    except IOError:				# Print "Error" if communication error encountered
        print ("Error")


3.3 Run Code Sample

Before you run the code sample you need to follow the steps in bakebit tutorial to install the BakeBit package.
Enter the "BakeBit/Software/Python" directory and run the "" program:

cd ~/BakeBit/Software/Python
sudo python

3.4 Observation

The BakeBit LED keeps blinking and the interval between two blinks is one second.

4 Resources

5 Update Log

5.1 Dec-14-2016

  • Released English version

5.2 Jan-19-2017

  • Renamed "NEO-Hub" to "NanoHat-Hub"

5.3 Jan-20-2017

  • Renamed "NanoHat-Hub" to "NanoHat Hub"