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1 Introduction

  • The BakeBit - Button is an instant button module and it is used to detect button events. When the button is released the module goes back to its default state.
  • If the button is not pressed the module will output high otherwise it will output low.

2 Hardware Spec

  • Standard 2.0mm pitch 4-Pin BakeBit interface
  • Digital output
  • PCB dimension(mm): 20 x 24

BakeBit - Button.PCB

  • Pin Description:
Pin Description
GND Ground
5V Supply Voltage 5V
NC Not Connected
SIG Signal

3 Code Sample: Button And Buzzer

A BakeBit - Buzzer module is needed in this test case.

3.1 Hardware Setup

Connect the buzzer module to the NanoHat Hub's D3 and the button module to the NanoHat Hub's D4:

Button And Buzzer-1.jpg Button And Buzzer-2.jpg

3.2 Source Code

import time
from bakebit import *
import math
buzzer_pin = 3		#Port for buzzer
button = 4		#Port for Button
old_button_status = -1
pinMode(buzzer_pin,"OUTPUT")	# Assign mode for buzzer as output
pinMode(button,"INPUT")		# Assign mode for Button as input
buzzer_on = False
old_buzzer_on = not buzzer_on
button_pressed = False
while True:
		while True:
			button_status = digitalRead(button)	#Read the Button status
			# print button_status
			if old_button_status < 0: 
			if button_status != old_button_status:
		old_button_status = button_status
		if button_status == 0:
			button_pressed = True
			if button_pressed:
				buzzer_on = not buzzer_on
			button_pressed = False 
		if old_buzzer_on != buzzer_on:
			old_buzzer_on = buzzer_on
			if buzzer_on:
				print "Buzzing"
				print "\tOff"			
	except KeyboardInterrupt:	# Stop the buzzer before stopping
	except (IOError,TypeError) as e:


3.3 Run Code Sample

Before you run the code sample you need to follow the steps in bakebit tutorial to install the BakeBit package.
Enter the "BakeBit/Software/Python" directory and run the "" program:

cd ~/BakeBit/Software/Python
sudo python

3.4 Observation

When the button is clicked the buzzer will beep and if it is clicked again the buzzer will be silent.

4 Resources

5 Update Log

5.1 December-12-2016

  • Released English version

5.2 Jan-19-2017

  • Renamed "NEO-Hub" to "NanoHat-Hub"

5.3 Jan-20-2017

  • Renamed "NanoHat-Hub" to "NanoHat Hub"