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PD Power Adapters We Tested

For the example, the NanoPi-R5S is connected to the following peripherals: M2 SSD*1, USB hard drive*2 (no external power supply), network port connection*3, HDMI connection*1

Model Voltage input
小米 原装65W线充套装 快充版 (2A1C充电器+5A数据线) 12V
小米Type-C充电器快充版20W 12V
Apple M1 Macbook pro 电源 (61W) 9V
Apple 20W USB-C手机充电器 9V
紫米USB Type-C快速充电器(18W) 12V
努比亚氮化镓快速充电器 PD30W 12V
绿联 苹果充电器PD20W Type-C快充头 12V
绿联迷你小金刚 PD20W Type-C折叠插头 12V
倍思 苹果充电器PD20W快充套装 12V
倍思 GaN2 Pro氮化镓快充充电器 65W 12V