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1 Introduction

  • Note: the following method applies to NanoPi M2 too。

NanoPi 2 Fire runs the same image files the NanoPi 2 runs. In order not to conflict with the NanoPi 2's SD WiFi by default our kernel doesn't include support for USB WiFi. If you want to enable the support for USB WiFi you need to include this option in the kernel
We take one USB WiFi model as an example here to show how to enable its support in the kernel:

  • USB WiFi chip: RT3070;
  • WiFi protocol: - IEEE 802.11b/g/n;
  • OS: Debian;
  • Before you start it please make an installation TF card for the NanoPi 2 Fire by following the instructions on the wiki:[NanoPi_2_Fire]

2 Download Kernel Source Code

Please download the NanoPi 2 Fire's kernel source code:

git clone
cd linux-3.4.y
git checkout nanopi2-lollipop-mr1

The NanoPi 2 Fire's kernel source code lies in the "nanopi2-lollipop-mr1" branch

3 Add USB WiFi in Menuconfig

Add the WIFI support in the kernel and compile

touch .scmversion
make nanopi2_linux_defconfig
make menuconfig
  [*] Networking support  -->                                 
      -*- Wireless  -->
          [*] Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack (mac80211) 
  Device Drivers  -->
      [*] Network device support  -->                     
          [*] Wireless LAN  -->                                  
              [*] Ralink driver support  -->
                  [*] Ralink rt27xx/rt28xx/rt30xx (USB) support                  
                  [*]   rt2800usb - Include support for rt33xx devices
                  [*]   rt2800usb - Include support for rt35xx devices
make uImage

After your compilation succeeds a uImage will be generated in the "arch/arm/boot/uImage" directory. You can use it to replace the existing uImage.hdmi.


If you want to generate a kernel for LCD you can do it this way:

touch .scmversion
make menuconfig
  Device Drivers -->
    Graphics support -->
      Nexell Graphics -->
        [*] LCD
        [ ] HDMI
mak uImage

After your compilation succeeds a uImage will be generated for LCD. You can use it to replace the existing uImage.

4 Download linux-firmware

Insert your SD card to the board, connect the board to the internet and run the following commands to install RT3070's firmware:

apt-get update
apt-get install firmware-ralink

If your USB WiFi is not based on RT3070 you may try installing all the firmwares:

apt-get install firmware-*

After your compilation succeeds plug a USB WiFi and you can play with it now

5 Update Log

5.1 Mar-09-2016

  • Released English version