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1 Introduction


The matrix GPS module is a small GPS module with high performance. It can be used in navigation devices, four-axle drones and etc.

  • U-blox NEO-7M GPS module;
  • MAXIM’s high gain LNA chip and high performance porcelain antenna;
  • Support GPS and GLONASS(Russia's Navigation System);
  • Serial Communication: baud rate 为9600, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit;
  • Horizontal position accuracy: 2.5m CEP;
  • Max navigation update rate: 10Hz;
  • Time To First Fix: 30S;
  • Sensitivity-Tracking & Navigation: -161dBm;
  • Sensitivity-Cold Start: -148dBm;
  • Protocol: NMEA(default)/UBX Binary;
  • Operational Limits – Velocity: 500m/s;
  • Operational Limits- Altitude: 50000m;
  • TXD/RXD resistance: 510 Ohm;
  • Working Temperature: -40 degree Celsius ~ 85 degree Celsius;
  • Supply Voltage:: 5.0V;
  • Supply Current: 22mA;
  • Onboard LED. After the module is powered on the LED will turn on. If the module gets GPS data successfully the LED will be flashing

2 Features

  • UART interface
  • Small
  • PCB Dimension(mm): 40 x 40


  • Pin Description:
Pin Description
RXD Receive
TXD Transmit
5V Supply Voltage 5V
GND Ground

3 Basic Device Operation

  • GPS is the abbreviated form of Global Positioning System. This system provides global users with continuous, real time and high precision location and time information.
  • The current GPS consists of three major segments: the space segment, a control segment and a user segment.
  • Each GPS satellite continually broadcasts a signal (carrier wave with modulation).The receiver measures the time of arrival of the signal. From the time of arrival and the time of transmission the receiver then computes its three-dimensional position

4 Connect to NanoPi 2

4.1 Hardware Connection

Please refer to the following connection diagram to connect the Matrix-GPS to the NanoPi 2:

Connection Details:

Matrix-GPS NanoPi 2
RXD Pin8
TXD Pin10
5V Pin4
GND Pin6

4.2 Compile Test Program

4.3 Resources