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1 Introduction

  • The CAM1320 module uses Omni Vision’s 13.2MP CMOS OV13850 image sensor. It has MIPI output interface and supports up to 4224 x 3136 photographing and 13.2MP@30fps video recording.
  • The CAM1320 uses a cell phone camera. This camera’s focal length is 2.94mm. Its aperture is 2.4. Its viewing angle is 60 degree.

2 Features

  • 13.2MP (4224 x 3136) photographing, 13.2MP@30fps video recording
  • Focal length: 2.94mm, Aperture: 2.4, Viewing angle: 60 degree
  • 10-bit RAW output, MIPI-CSI 4-lanes output
  • 30 PIN FPC interface
  • Power: DVDD(1.2V), AVDD(2.8V), DOVDD(1.8V), DVDD_VCM(2.8V)

3 Drawing

CAM1320 drawing.png

4 Resources